Meet O.P. and Tim

O.P. and Tim work with existing and potential Disaster Restoration Contractors who find themselves starting out where they were 20 years ago. On their way to the top, due to things inside and outside of their control, O.P. and Tim endured taxing hardships and overcame mind-blowing adversity. Their experiences left a trail of blood, sweat and tears that eventually led to where they are today.

Their story is proof that you don’t have to be a genius to succeed in this business, you just need to know the path. You can do what they did and fight and claw your way to the top or you can avoid wasting the time, money and energy we did and head straight there. Learn more about their work and online records here.


They were so professional and nice throughout the whole process! I would recommend them any day! We hit the jackpot with O.P.’s company!

~ Entertainment Tonight Anchor, Nancy O’Dell


with Restoration Mastery


Disaster Restoration Institute

Achiever’s Training on Advanced Operations, Marketing and Leadership in the Disaster Restoration Industry

Insurance Restoration Contractors make billions of dollars every year– regardless of the economy or the time of year or any other conditions that plumbers, carpet cleaners and other tradespeople suffer through on a yearly basis. Other companies get into the business and struggle to stay profitable and maintain cash flow, hire the right people and get the right customers in the door. Stop being a slave to your business and get the learning to get the business you deserve.

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