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With ET Anchor, Nancy O'Dell

Tim Teaching Our Clients

O.P. as President of the Cleaning and Restoration Association

Started at the bottom, now we’re here– for you.

Restoration Mastery works with existing or potential Disaster Restoration Contractors who find themselves starting out where our founders started 20 years ago. On their way to the top, due to things inside and outside of their control, O.P. Almaraz and Tim Bauer endured taxing hardships and overcame mind-blowing adversity. Their experiences left a trail of blood, sweat and tears that eventually led to where they are today.

Through creative branding and top notch operational activities, their Disaster Restoration Company became the foremost organization in Southern California serving the Celebrity and High Net Worth market. Among their raving fans are Entertainment Tonight Anchor, Nancy O’Dell and Little House on the Prairie star, Melissa Gilbert.

Their story is proof that you don’t have to be a genius to succeed in this business, you just need to know the path. You can do what they did and fight and claw your way to the top or you can avoid wasting the time, money and energy we did and head straight there.

Your Mastery is Their Passion.


O.P. Almaraz is a senior executive with over 20 years experience of successful leadership in the fields of business resources, hospitality, and construction.

O.P. is a respected leader with tested expertise in organizational development, organizational effectiveness, and relationship management. Famous as a champion of strategic business resource solutions, conflict resolution, and performance management. A strong manager with proven abilities to build positive work environments that work cohesively with customers, clients and business partners

Tim Bauer is a professional marketer and storyteller who has developed and presented for companies ranging from small insurance agencies to Fortune 100 Corporations. Tim has honed his skills for branding and storytelling through thousands of hours creating marketing plans, pieces and literature for over 15 years.

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