What Should You Do When Your Employees Make Mistakes?

What Should You Do When Your Employees Make Mistakes?

Chances are neither you nor your employees are perfect. In other words, it’s not a matter of if a member of your team will make a mistake–it’s when!

As a leader, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re also not immune from making mistakes. The difference is your mistakes aren’t obvious to others. Right?

I’m reminded of a story about legendary CEO Jack Welch of General Electric. Early in his career, when Jack was still an unknown manager of the plastics division within GE, he literally blew the roof off one of their factories while experimenting with a new chemical process. He remarked that

My confidence was shaken almost as much as the building I destroyed.

He stumbled into to his manager’s office expecting to get fired. But to his surprise, his manager was only interested in one thing: He wanted Jack to tell him what he had learned from the disastrous mistake.

It was at that point that Jack learned one of the great lessons in leadership:

“When people make mistakes… The job at hand is to restore their self-confidence.”

As leaders in the restoration business, it’s important to understand that we get to restore a lot more than drywall and cabinets.

When your employees make mistakes, remind yourself that you’re not dealing with a machine. You are dealing with a human being made of flesh and blood. Give them specific praise at every chance and teach them to grow with continued instruction & training.

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