Can the Leader be the Chokehold of a Company?

How can this be? As the owner of the company,  you have built your business on your back with your financial resources. You gave your blood, sweat and tears! When your back was against the wall in difficult times, who else was there with you? Maybe your spouse? Did your employees come to your rescue? Probably not. And if they did, could they really feel the pain you were experiencing?

A resounding “Heck No” is what I imagine you’re thinking.  (more…)

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Overcoming your “Setback”

Having been in the disaster restoration business for 21 years now, I’ve developed some good relationships with friendly competitors. Recently a few have asked “how is it that your company is doing so well, while others are struggling right now?”

What they may not realize is that before my “Breakthrough” of excelling in this business, I had what I call a “setback”.  (more…)

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