Overcoming your “Setback”

Having been in the disaster restoration business for 21 years now, I’ve developed some good relationships with friendly competitors. Recently a few have asked “how is it that your company is doing so well, while others are struggling right now?”

What they may not realize is that before my “Breakthrough” of excelling in this business, I had what I call a “setback”.  (more…)

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Is Your Business Meeting the 6 Basic Human Needs?

Every day, I have the opportunity to visit with entrpreneurs: Carpet Cleaners, Plumbers, General Contractors. When I tell them about my business and how much I love it and inevitably try to encourage them to take a good hard look at it, they inevitably want to know:

Why would I want to get into the restoration business?

As humans we all have needs that must be met. Tony Robbins describes them as the 6 human needs.

These are not desires or wants or goals, but they are needs that are universal to all humans. Tony teaches us that meeting only 4 of these needs has the ability to create an empowering habit or even addiction. And like all addictions, this can have a negative or positive outcome (i.e. an addiction to integrity vs an addiction to drugs or alcohol).

Today I want to show you how the disaster restoration industry meets at least 4 needs, creating an empowering habit. (more…)

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