Stop Selling. Start Storyselling.


Are you still dropping off coffee and treats with your promotional materials to maintain top of mind awareness and show that you are the best choice?

What is this, 1950?
What is this, 1950?

Every single day, I talk to restoration companies, testing laboratories and abatement companies that are spending thousands of dollars hiring staff to perform drop offs and take “prospects” out for lunch in the hopes that one day they may convert and become reliable lead sources. We’ve been there.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and hiring marketing people to do this kind of work? What if there was another way?

People don’t buy from people who bring the best donuts or coffee. You’ve been told that people buy from people they like and that’s mostly true. They will try you if they like you, but if they¬†trust you, they will keep buying from you.

We have found another way and it’s all possible through the usage of the Core Story.

The Core Story presentation is a dynamic and exciting way to present your story before your prospects in a way that they will find interesting and informative. It will establish you as an expert in their eyes. They will actually be grateful you came in because instead of robbing their time and stuffing their faces, you will actually be adding value to their company.

We are now accepting requests to create a customized Core Story for your business. This presentation will revolutionize the way you do business and maintain awareness in the marketplace.