How are your 2014 Goals coming along?

ProcrastinationYou probably know that February is the shortest month. That means less days for closing business, but it is also the easiest month to stick to a daily goal. Do any of your action items include daily activities like exercise, meditation or reading? February is the BEST month to do that every day in because guess what!? There’s only 28 days you have to stick to it. And by then, it will be a habit. Will you join me?There’s just one problem:


According to researcher, Gloria Marks, professor of informatics at UCI, we are interrupted nearly every three minutes.

What’s worse? Nearly half of those interruptions are self imposed.

Research shows this has resulted in the most prolific generation of procrastinators that the world has ever known. In fact, this book reports that nearly one quarter of adults around the world are procrastinators! I’d tell you to read it, but chances are, you’d put off something else more important to do it. Here’s the truth about procrastination:

“For chronic procrastination, this is not an issue of time management. You can’t manage time. You manage yourself.”
-Joseph Ferrari

So why aren’t you finishing? Later this week, I’ll send you three reasons why you may not be finishing your projects or goals. In the meantime, let me know how you guys are doing on your goals! Reply to this email, follow us on Twitter or let us know on Facebook!

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