Is Your Business Meeting the 6 Basic Human Needs?

Every day, I have the opportunity to visit with entrpreneurs: Carpet Cleaners, Plumbers, General Contractors. When I tell them about my business and how much I love it and inevitably try to encourage them to take a good hard look at it, they inevitably want to know:

Why would I want to get into the restoration business?

As humans we all have needs that must be met. Tony Robbins describes them as the 6 human needs.

These are not desires or wants or goals, but they are needs that are universal to all humans. Tony teaches us that meeting only 4 of these needs has the ability to create an empowering habit or even addiction. And like all addictions, this can have a negative or positive outcome (i.e. an addiction to integrity vs an addiction to drugs or alcohol).

Today I want to show you how the disaster restoration industry meets at least 4 needs, creating an empowering habit.

The 6 Human Needs are:

1. Certainty

2. Variety / Uncertainty

3. Significance

4. Love/Connection

5. Growth

6. Contribution


The need for certainty includes knowing that we have security in our career, and the ability to be a provider. Knowing that we have a stable home environment, a roof over our heads, food on the table and the ability to provide for ourselves and loved ones.

How does the Disaster Insurance Restoration Industry (DIRI) provide certainty ?

Disasters come in many forms, including water damage, vandalism, fire damage, mold, lead, asbestos and earthquakes.

All businesses and residential properties are required to have insurance when a lien holder is involved. These disasters are going to occur daily in your local area. Hence, insurance claims will continue to happen. Insurance claims are unlike remodeling, repiping, carpet cleaning and other construction trades because they:

  • aren’t impacted by the economy.
  • aren’t conditional on the weather (although some areas of the country get an increase during certain parts of the year).
  • aren’t concerned about the socioeconomic conditions of the neighborhood.
  • aren’t conditional on if the homeowner wants them or not.

If anything, claims volumes are on the rise even in the recession, growing between 7-10% in both severity and frequency according to the Insurance Information Institute.


0085686a35f69b56b3fce0e0c38823f2The need for variety or uncertainty is the need for excitement, spontaneity, risk taking and knowing that life is not always the same or predictable, because predictability can create boredom.

How does the Disaster Insurance Restoration Industry provide variety?

Every claim is unique and contains a lot of variety. Each insured (business owners or homeowners) has their own story as to how their disaster has created uncertainty in their own lives.

Meanwhile, the variety of their claim, whether water damage, vandalism, fire, mold, bacteria, asbestos, becomes your variety.


Significance is the need to feel wanted, needed and important.

How does the Disaster Insurance Restoration Industry provide significance?

As the restoration expert, your insureds will look to you for answers. As you deliver outstanding customer service to the insured and insurance adjuster, your significance bank account is filled.
When you are able to deliver excellent service to the adjuster (through the quick delivery of estimates, expertise and responsiveness) you will feel significant. When the homeowner/insured is happy with your personal care and professional attention to detail they make you feel significant. Especially when they express their gratitude by writing you a hand written letter explaining how they were able to have the anniversary party in their home and thank you for making it possible despite the disaster.

Or how about when Mr. Jones gives you a video or letter of reference, delivered to their insurance company – thanking them for referring you! Significance happens.


Love and connection is defined in the six human needs as the need to feel loved or connected to people.


How are love & connection met by this industry?

When you’ve made an impact in someone’s life, whether the insurance adjuster or insured, the need for connection is fulfilled. You can’t help but create friendships with the adjusters or insureds. The rapport and relationships that you’ve built by your communication, concern, and caring is what provides your love & connection.


We all have the need for growth. If we aren’t growing we are dying. Life is like walking up an escalator that is going down. While climbing up, against the downward escalator, you are making some progress. But as soon as you stop climbing, you then begin to automatically go descend. With no effort of your own, you begin to die.

How does the Disaster Insurance Restoration Industry contribute to your growth?

You will learn about all the categories of water, different types of mold, the adverse affects of bacteria, the impact that fire & smoke damage have to the structure of a building, and so much more. Learning & growing is a key component to your expertise in this business.


The need to contribute is more of a spiritual need. We’ve been created with a need to contribute to others. It shows up in giving of our time, our resources, and our love.

Does the Disaster Insurance Restoration Industry serve our need to contribute?

We have the chance to impact peoples lives as we cross their paths. We have the ability to contribute a kind word, a gift, our service or something that to someone in need. In addition, as a result of working in this industry and making a good income, we have the ability to give back to the community and less fortunate.

For example, after spending some time in the industry in gaining influence, I was able to serve as the President of the Cleaning and Restoration Association as well as founding a charity that has raised over $30,000 for local organizations and fed over 1,000 families during holiday times. These efforts only served to meet the 6 Human Needs for me even more.

Are you suffering from a general lack of motivation? Constantly tired by your business? It’s time to reassess your business and find a way to make sure your 6 Human Needs are being met professionally!

6 Human Needs

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