Productivity Hacking: Connect with anyone you meet on LinkedIn.

When it comes to marketing, I’m a big believer that he who dies with the biggest phonebook wins. Ok, not literally as when it comes to your contacts, it’s definitely quality over quantity but in my experience, both are good too.

Today we are bringing you a great productivity trick to my success. We are going to use the latest in electronic tools to stay connected to the people you meet on a day to day basis on LinkedIn, the most important social network for staying connected to your professional contacts.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Who has time to manage social networks? I’m too busy chasing, signing and executing work. If that describes you, you’re going to love this even more.

What if I had a way that you would automatically be connected to every single person you enter into your iPhone? That’s what I’m here to show you. (Note: I cannot find a way to make this work on Android presently, but hopefully it’s coming from the developers of IFTTT).

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Open up a free account at If This, Then That.

IFTTT is an automation system that is one of the keys to my productive success. I use it for literally dozens of different applications, but today I’m going to show you one of my favorites with this.

It is designed around the idea that every time something happens, you want another thing to happen. For example, you can get a text message every time the weather report calls for rain. Or perhaps every single time someone tweets your company’s name, you get an email. Or in our case, every contact you add in your phone immediately gets an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn.

2) Download the IFTTT app on your iPhone and log in using your new account.

3) Click the Bowl to create a new “Recipe”. Recipes are the engines that will drive your automated experiences.


4) Click the First + and scroll to iOS Contacts. You will need to activate the channel, which will give IFTTT permission to do something every time you add a contact (don’t worry, you tell it what to do).


5) Press the Blue + Sign to the right of “Any new Contact”


5) Click the Second + next to the word Then and scroll to LinkedIn. You will need to also activate this channel by giving it your login and password.

6) Click the + next to Invite to connect on LinkedIn


You’re all set! That’s it! Now every single time you add a contact to your phone with an email address, you will automatically send them a connect request. Two things:

  1. They still need to accept it :).
  2. What you do with your LinkedIn account is up to you.

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Good luck out there on all your social pursuits!

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