Pleasure and Pain and Becoming Psychic

Have you ever struggled with motivation? Wanted so badly to do something but couldn’t get started? Your swimsuit told you to get in the gym but your sweat pants said, “Nah, you’re good.” Today we’re talking to us you.

Imagine motivating your life as a scale. On one side is Pain & on the other side is Pleasure. And your brain is always weighing, if I take this action what’s it going to mean? More pleasure & less pain? Or more pain & less pleasure?

pleasure-pain scale

If you’re not following through its because you have the scale weighted on the opposite side it needs to be. If you’re going to change your behavior you’ve got to change what you associate pain & pleasure to. This is where self sabotage hides and it’s caused by having a mixed set of associations to pain & pleasure.

This tends to show up in our health, family life and finances.

Take finances for example. People want more money for plenty of reasons:

  • Money could mean more freedom
  • With more money, I could buy my kids something special
  • Purchasing a home
  • Travel the world
  • Help/Serve more people.

And yet at the same time your brain will fight against, screaming out all manner of excuses:

“But then I’ll be judged or I won’t have enough time with my family or I’ll have too work to hard to get there or I’ll miss out on hanging out with my friends.

And you find that all this pain begins to weigh down the scale and your brain links up all this pain to financial gain. And so enters the silent Mr. Sabotage, also know as the dream killer.

Sometimes we are just as motivated by pain as we are by pleasure. Whichever rules over you, either way, you are seeing something that isn’t there. We are associating a potential pleasure or a potential pain with a course of action. Take this scenario:

You have been invited to a party.


You’re still deciding whether or not you will go.


First imagine standing awkwardly in a corner, surrounded by people you don’t know and have nothing in common with. Your least favorite type of music is playing way too loud in the background. How much do you want to go to the party, on a scale from 1 to 10?


Now instead imagine standing there comfortably, surrounded by people who are interested in spending time with you. Your favorite type of music comes on in the background at just the right volume. How much do you want to go to the party now?

Both of these scenarios might play out in your head and chances are, your experience will be somewhere in the middle. But in both cases, it is you who is in charge of how you see the future. That’s right, today you are becoming a psychic.

Not that kind.
Not that kind.

When we control what we associate with something we want, we are literally empowering our wills to create the future we imagine with emotion.

The problem is that our LOGIC gets in the way of our EMOTION. It’s time to change your mind, push your logic out of the way and equate an emotion with that which you really want.

If you are having challenges with following through all you have to do is focus on “what’s the pain I’m going to have if I DON’T do this? What will be the ultimate price if I don’t follow through? What will I be giving up? What will I think of myself in 5 years, if I don’t change?”

Use these answers to link up MORE PAIN associated if you DON’T follow through! By doing this you are changing the weight of the scale in your favor because we will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.

Master Motivator, Anthony Robbins believes that most Americans are better motivated by Pain as pain motivates us now and pleasure might motivate us later.

I encourage you to use this powerful force within us to create the life you of your dreams!

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